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"Changing the world, one community at a time". 

Who We Are

Our Mission

Community Healing Project, Inc, a 501.c3 nonprofit organization,  was established to reintroduce economic empowerment, educational advancement as well as health awareness in urban and impoverished communities.  With these three principles we  implement a system of progressive and sustainable change in some of the most vulnerable areas of our nation. We complete this mission through the means of youth mentoring, social activism,  and community outreach.  

Our purpose

 We offer a variety of services including weekly community street cleanups, educational and recreational open-community events, after-school tutoring, cultural arts programs, family counseling, and weekly food and clothing drives.  We firmly believe that each and every child and family in our country, despite financial or social status, should be entitled to a delicious meal, quality education, warm bed and the ability to reach and achieve each and every dream they desire. Last year alone we provided clothes, supplies and food to over 2,500 families in 5 different states. and with your help we plan on tripling that number. 

Our Goal!

"Changing the world, one community at a time".

Our ultimate goal is to help nourish and develop the next generation of self-sufficient and educated adults so that they may become leaders and positive influences of change in their own communities. We will continue to spread our lifelong message of love, unity, and self-accountability to every corner of the globe. Strengthening and healing broken and impoverished communities everywhere.

Peace and Power Family

Educational Advancement

 Community healing Project, Inc prides itself in educational enrichment for the youth of our communities. Our members frequently visit public schools for reading sessions, student counseling, and also provide after-school tuoring and counseling. Planting the seeds of knowledge, cultural history and self-love are a few of the main principles of the organization.



Health Awareness

Health Awareness is essential everywhere for the simple fact that we all need to survive. We actively take part in promoting healthy living and nutritional harmony for all of our communities we service. We focus on exercise/wellness walks, mental health screenings, and  actively hold health and wellness related forums and events to engage the citizens and health officials. Health, is essentially wealth. 


Economic Empowerment

The necessity of owning businesses and cultivating the economy of impoverished communities inspired our  "Buy Back The Block" program. This initiative  is an economic empowerment course designed to assist and guide current and upcoming business owners, and entrepreneurs with tools and skills needed to cultivate and refine a seccuseful, self-made business. 

Malcolm X Day Community Bash

On May 19th, we made history in Daytona Beach by hosting our first ever "Malcolm X Day Community Bash". We'd like to thank the following people for their contribution:

 Daytona Beach Hilton Ocean Front Resort. Red Lobster. Daytona Beach Cowboys.  Hood News Global.  Krispy Kreme. Harris Building Services.  Natasha Bland. Macaroni Kid.  Rell  Black Productions.  Queens United Man-Up Mentoring  Precious Bolden Mayor Derrick Henry Commissioner Paula Reed.  Pat Hilson H.U.T. Venal Stringer Sean King Primrose Cameron Kevin Farris Lisa Polite Ministries For Christ Outreach,INC. Patrick Henry  Percy Williamson Judah Grady -Unapologetic Empire.   Emmanuel Cowan Charlene Sells Kenya Tumer-Griffin Derricka Acree Midtown laundry- Mykal R. Tairu. Lion's Den Hookah Cafe-Charles Ivy & Anthony Chapman.  Banana Boat Spanish  Caribbean Food Town.  SkyZone-Jenmifer Cortez.  Punchlinekangz & Hot 94.5 Antwon Robinson..Jay Love.. Brandi Shannon.  Daytona Sling Shot-Bruce Gad.  Lil Mama's Kitchen-Deborah Branch.  Macaroni Kid-Natasha Bland.  Bethune Grill  Bahama Breeze  Chipotle. Junior Goosby. HoodNews Global. Chaka Brunson.

Community Service Program

Getting involved in your community doesn't take much. With our mentorship program we actively step up in the lives of young boys and girls in our communities and help guide them into leaders in their own right.

With our community service program, we have partnered with probation officers to offer service hours to volunteers. Participants will engage in programs including our "Street 2 Street" cleanups, "Get Up And Go Day" health walks,  door to door neighborhood outreach, and youth mentoring.  Upon completion of the program, members may join the organization as official members. For registration please submit your information on the "Contact Us" section.

Back 2 School Brain Bowl



We are extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting our first ever “Back 2 School Brain Bowl” on August 4th.  Starting at 6:00PM at MorningStar Baptist Church (635 Madison Ave)

This event will consist of a black history trivia tournament, high school essay contest, and a scholastic spelling bee, and will be held to encourage educational advancement, literacy and positive lifestyle changes for children in our community.

All children who participate will receive a brand new backpack filled with school supplies!


Dinner/beverages/door prizes included


**Spelling Bee: Ages 8-13**

**Trivia Tournament: Ages 11-14**

**Essay Contest: Ages 14-17**

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